Earth Construction and Mining’s drilling capabilities can provide you with the right solution utilizing the latest technologies, highest safety standards and decades of experience.

No Project is too large or too small for Earth Construction and Mining’s Services. We use our unique skills and our wealth of experience to accommodate your drilling and technical needs.


Drilling is often necessary for new construction. At Earth Construction & Mining, we have the tools to not only perform the job right the first time, but to complete it with minimum disturbance to the surrounding environment. ECM offers an in-depth and a diverse range of services and solutions to especially challenging drilling & rock breaking projects. With this integrated approach, ECM can make your project a safe and successful one.

Technical Services

Whether Earth Construction & Mining is added to your team during the very inception of the project or in the middle of construction when faced with the discovery of unforeseen conditions, we can assist you in establishing realistic budgets, obtainable schedules and practical solutions. Our wide range of technical services include plan modeling, public relations planning, assessments of a project’s potential risks and exposures and vibration monitoring to ensure environmental and regulatory compliance.

Site Grading

Earth Construction and Mining has graded millions of cubic yards of rock for precise pads, streets, slopes and offsite improvements. These projects were shot to grade with no high bottoms, high spots, or speed bumps. We specialize in providing optimal gradation for material processing and embankment construction.

Mining & Quarries

Earth Construction and Mining has accomplished the removal of several million tons of material for small quarry operations as well as some of the world’s largest suppliers of aggregates, specialty ores, and precious metals. ECM’s MSHA certified staff has an outstanding safety and compliance record. ECM can offer a fully integrated approach to quarry needs from development to production including haulage and processing.

Highways & Bridges

Earth Construction and Mining can help with your drilling needs for new or existing transportation systems. Either through highly congested neighborhoods or alongside existing, sensitive facilities. ECM is proud to help keep America’s roadways moving.

Trenching & Structural Excavations

ECM has the ability and experience to drill precise and sometimes complex excavations necessary for surge shafts, jacking pits, buried structures, bridge footings, structure footings to name just a few.

Soil & Rock Anchorage

Earth Construction and Mining’s team has decades of experience in utilizing rock anchors, rock bolts, rock dowels, rock netting, tiebacks and other stabilization techniques for general grading, temporary stability or emergency construction projects. Remote, complex or inaccessible areas are our specialty.

Site Specific Engineering

Earth Construction and Mining’s site-specific engineering and design modeling ensures safety and productivity. Through our proprietary modeling systems and specialized face profiling methodologies, we have consistently achieved predictable results well within environmental compliance levels.

Vibration & Sound Monitoring

Earth Construction and Mining uses state-of-the-art instrumentation to employ the latest monitoring and analysis systems. the collected data is utilized to constantly improve efficiency and environmental compliance. Our Traind and experienced personnel can also provide monitoring services for other construction  operations such as pile driving, crushing, earthmoving and many more.

Consulting, Feasibility, & Budget Evaluation

Earth Construction and Mining’s extensive experience in Drilling has allowed us to provide cost saving and safety focused recommendations for any potential drilling or rock breaking operation. Early participation by ECM on budget issues, proposed schedules and technical issues that could impact public relations, regulatory requirements and production alleviate customer concerns and ensure a smooth successful project.